Hurricane Irma heads for Florida

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Hurricane Irma is barreling straight toward Florida as a potentially catastrophic storm and is the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. Irma was initially regarded as a Category 3 hurricane; however, it strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane early this morning. With 185 mph winds and gusts up to 220 mph, Irma is currently on path through the Caribbean and is expected to make and impact on Florida starting Friday evening with the hurricane itself making landfall on Sunday.

American Heritage, along with Miami-Dade, Monroe and Broward County schools, announced today that they will close Thurs. Sept. 7 and Fri. Sept. 8 to give families proper time to prepare. Storm conditions are expected to worsen throughout the weekend. A mandatory evacuation was issued for mobile homes in Broward County.

“Although we already stocked up on water, food and supplies, I told my parents we should leave during the hurricane. I’m flying up north, but my house, my extended family, my friends and my school won’t be. I’m still very nervous for the hurricane even though I am leaving,” sophomore Marissa Pendas said.

Gas stations are packed, and food and supply stores are low. Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency throughout Florida. To best prepare, have at least one gallon of water per day per person, enough food for three to seven days, fill cars with gas, and protect windows by either boarding them up or using hurricane shutters. For entertainment consider downloading shows and movies on Netflix beforehand, and keep extra batteries and portable chargers on hand for electronic devices.

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