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The restaurant usually fills up on a Friday night with both couples and families who enjoy the live music performances. (Photo/

As one of the bigger culinary hubs in Broward county, Weston is home to hundreds of restaurants varying from Latin and Italian to Asian and American cuisine. This diversity of restaurants encourages all types of eager customers to try something new or from a different culture. Among the many Latin and Italian restaurants, however, stands a different European-based kitchen.

Entretapas, a traditional Spanish tapas restaurant, is located on Indian Trace in Weston. Not only does it spark a traditional yet homey atmosphere, but Entretapas also hosts weekly shows, streams popular soccer games on weekends and offers a mini fresh-market where many Spanish treats can be found including Spanish ham, olives and wine. While customers can feel the Spanish culture with the different decor pieces such as cork artwork and photography of the Spanish culture, the restaurant also gives off a sleek overall feel with studio lighting and barstool tables. Near the back right-hand corner, a raised platform placed specifically for the occasional flamenco-and-music performances can be found.

The menu lists an abundant number of tapas, or mini appetizers, from pulpo (octopus) ($15.00) to huevos rotos (scrambled eggs) ($12.80). Not only does the restaurant offer appetizers, but you can also opt for a portion of paella, a traditional Spanish rice dish, (about $14.90) for your main meal or a refreshing bowl of gazpacho ($6.99). However, if you want to slowly ease into this unique-style cuisine but don’t have the stomach for a strong casserole of gambas al ajillo (shrimp scampi) ($10.90), Entretapas also offers patatas bravas ($12.80) which is made of diced potatoes with paprika accompanied with a mild aioli sauce for dipping. Even though not traditionally Spanish, the tres-leches dessert ($4.90) is a must-try, with the chefs going heavy on the condensed milk, giving the dish a sweet and smooth texture.

Even though the traditional Spanish cuisine is most known for rice-based plates such as paella, Entretapas also offers salads such as the chicken salad ($15.99). (Photo/Mapquest)

Because every day has a different special, the menu is constantly rotating, giving customers a wide selection of dishes to choose from. They also offer specials according to which day of the week it is. For example, on Mondays and Tuesdays, paella for two becomes paella for three with the extra portion on the house, and every Friday and Saturday, the room is filled with the lively music of guitars and the stomping of flamenco shoes against the stage.

Entretapas is definitely among my top restaurants in this area, especially when I’m in the mood for a relaxing, but hearty dinner with the family. With its modern-yet-traditional take on decor, lively night performances that light up the room and satisfying dishes, this restaurant might be the place to visit if you’re looking for something a little different than pizza or a tray of sushi.

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