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Jingle all the way

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Packed with tons of spirit and a full house, the annual winter band concert, held Dec. 7th in the Proscenium Theatre, spread holiday cheer while showcasing students’ hard work throughout the semester.

Beginning with the recorders and the beginning band, the band concert had students of all ages showcasing a variety of instruments and intensity throughout the night.

As the night the progressed, Holiday music intertwined with classic pieces including those composed by Mozart and and Campbell.

The jazz band decked the room with arrangements of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and “Deck the Halls.” A highly spirited medley piece called “Holiday Concert was also performed by the concert band and included excerpts of “Jingle Bells” as well as “Dradle Dradle” in order to embrace all cultures. Another medley performed by the symphonic band, called “Name those Carols,” stayed true to its name and kept the audience guessing at which holiday would come next as over five tunes blended together.

One particular piece that stood out was entitled the “Night Hunter” in which students used maracas and chimes to add special effect to the or percussion ensemble. This required several students to alternate between playing two different instruments within the same song.

Recapping the year, band directors Kimberly Imerbsin and Isabelle Antone noted the increase of band performances at the senior high football games as well as the expansion of the beginning band which, they remarked, has grown to be as big as the wind ensemble. The upper school band program closed out the night, presenting the directors with flowers and thanking them for all their work.

After a successful performance, the band is ready to travel to Orlando to perform in support of the senior high football team as the compete for the state championship.

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