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    Junior Gabriela Coutinho shows off her new class ring. Coutinho has attended Heritage since elementary school.
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    Juniors Shiv Chokshi and Louis Suberviola show off their new junior class rings after the ceremony.
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Juniors receive rings at annual ring ceremony

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Each year many juniors choose to commemorate their years at American Heritage with the purchase of a class ring featuring AHS and their graduation year. The ring is symbolic of their accomplishments and serves as a reminder of fond memories spent at Heritage. Tuesday Feb. 27 juniors received their class rings during first and second period in the main theatre in a ceremony to honor them and personally present their individualized rings. During the ceremony, Junior Class President Thomas Lovegren called all participating students on stage one-by-one to receive their ring while many parents watched in the audience. Students also had the opportunity to proudly pose with their new rings and take photos against an AHS backdrop after the event.

For some, the decision to purchase a class ring was as individual as the design of the ring itself.  “I purchased a ring because I have gone to Heritage for 13 years now, and I wanted something to carry with me to remember Heritage after I graduate. Plus, the rings are traditional across the US, so I wanted to participate in that as well,” Junior Kaitlyn Seese said.

“I purchased a ring because I want to remember my time here at Heritage. Even though it is short, I’m proud to be a Patriot!” -Junior Colby Anderson

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