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Key Clubbers raise funds for DCON

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Every year, about 2200 Key Club members from throughout the state of Florida and the Cayman Islands gather at the District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON) in Orlando. At DCON, Key Clubbers learn more about the goals of Key Club, interact with other Key Club organizers and members and discover new ways to improve their chapter.

The convention, which will take place April 5-8 this year, will also have scholarships and awards up for grabs.

“It’s the best resource for new ideas for projects and a great leadership experience. You learn a lot about how to lead others and a lot about yourself,” Dalya Ackerman, Key Club president, said.

Last year was the first year Heritage attended DCON; the chapter took six members to Orlando. This year, they plan to take about 20 Key Clubbers to the event.

In addition to other fundraisers such as pizza sales, the Heritage Key Club chapter has created a GoFundMe page in order to raise funds for DCON. The goal amount will cover all costs for the trip for about twenty members, including registration and bus fees. Donations of any size are accepted and encouraged. If you are interesting in joining Key Club, meetings are every other Friday in Mrs. Cicos’ room, 4101.  

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