Living a single life on Valentine’s Day

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You don’t have to spend Valentine’s Day with someone else. It’s the perfect time to focus on you. (Photo/Alyssa Herzbrun)

Valentine’s Day may mean greetings with roses and heart shaped chocolates. Although many interpret it as a day to focus on their relationships, for the single people out there, this article will explain how you can go it alone.

Cook a romantic dinner for your parents

Without having to cook a romantic dinner for your significant other, you have free time on your hands. To show your appreciation for all your parents do for you, cook dinner for them. If you can’t cook, take them out instead.  

Hang out with your single friends

Make plans with the other single friends you have; and avoid your single status. Why should you have to stay at home eating a pint of ice cream by yourself when you could be having a good time with others? If you want to change things up, do a Valentine’s Day (or should I say Galentine’s Day?) gift exchange with them or get together to do an arts and crafts project together. 

Spending time with friends changes the meaning of Valentine’s Day because you still hang out with those you love but without the pressure of dating. (Photo/Annabella Lugo)

Take a few days to travel or unplug from social media

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to travel, especially since this year we have no school. Even driving a few hours to de-stress and spend time outside will help make you feel better. If you don’t have the time to leave, take the day for yourself and avoid social media. Not only will you stop yourself from seeing pictures of other couples, but you also get the chance to relax and feel unplugged from the outside world.

Treat yourself to a makeover

The good thing about living a single life on Valentine’s Day includes not having to impress anyone else. Feel free to pamper yourself with an at home spa or splurge a little and go somewhere to get a new makeover. You can also take advantage of the holiday sales on clothes and beauty product sales.

Getting together with friends for hair and makeup together will help cheer you up on Valentine’s Day. (Photo/Emilia Quesada)

Binge watch your favorites

Spend your night binge-watching your favorite TV or movie series. It’s the perfect time to veg out and chill either by yourself or with others.

Although Valentine’s Day may make you, as a single, feel alone, you can still do plenty of exciting things to fill your day. No one says you have to date someone to celebrate, so appreciate yourself more and do things just for yourself.

Alyssa Herzbrun, a senior at American Heritage, is in her third year of newspaper. She currently edits the opinion section of the newspaper and is a Co-Assistant Editor-in-Chief. On the weekends, Alyssa loves to volunteer at places like Broward Outreach Center, Ronald McDonald House and Feeding South Florida. Alyssa is an avid reader. Over the summer she read a book every day but school is interfering with her reading streak. She also loves to clog (not the toilet but the dance). Alyssa is looking for a great year and hopes to meet many opinionated people.

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