Low-key exercises to do in class

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It seems like there’s no time to work out since we spend more than seven hours in school everyday. However, what if I told you that class is actually a good opportunity to work out? I don’t mean doing pushups in Pre-Calc, but more so working your calves in Calculus. Here’s a few low-key exercises you can do in the middle of class. Click on the exercise name for an instructional video.

Hip flexors

While sitting in your chair, lift your right foot a few inches off the ground. Keep your knee bent at a 90-degree angle and hold the position for a full minute. Lower, then do the same with your left foot. Repeat. This engages the core and lower extremity muscles while focusing on the hip flexors.

Toe raises

A great way to make your calves pop, simply keep your heels on the ground and flex your toes up toward the roof. Hold for ten seconds then release and repeat as many times as you can handle.

Speed walk

Even though this may not be something to do in-class, you can definitely use the seven minute class transition period to get some cardio in. While I don’t advise being that one kid who runs to class, instead of taking a casual stroll down the canal to your foreign language class, extend your strides and push yourself to walk faster for general cardio. Add a kick in your step to work your calves. Stand tall and suck your stomach in as your zoom past the phone zombies and clusters of slow friends. If your class isn’t on the first floor, jog up the stairs, pulling your knees up as you do.

Leg extensions

While seated, extend your legs, one at a time, until they are completely straight. Hold for a thirty seconds to one minute at a time, then slowly release back to the floor. For burn, try 10 to 15 slow reps, using your abs to pull your legs up and lower them down while simultaneously building your quads.

Magic carpet ride

Sit on your criss-crossed legs. Place your hands on the seat of your chair and raise yourself a few inches, with the help of your legs under you if needed, working your core and arms. Hold for 10 to 20 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

Straight Arm Squeeze

While sitting up straight on the edge of your chair, extend your arms behind your back against the seat back. Place your feet and legs together, engage your abs and keep your palms facing inward. Squeeze your arms in this position, hold for five seconds and release to work your shoulders, triceps and back.

Kristen is a senior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. She is the co-Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot Post, President of Student Government and co-founder of the non-profit Friends for Fosters. Kristen loves keeping up with politics, watching Netflix, reading and sleeping in. She considers herself a nerd due to her massive video game and comic collection.

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