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    Sophomores Carol Jiang, Connor Gordon, Michelle Zhu, Joanne Haner and Adam Cui were a part of the championship team during their freshman year.
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    The championship Theta team couldn't help but show off their rings to those around them at the ceremony.
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    The Mu Alpha Theta championship ring consists of the patriots logo and the title "National Champions" among other designs along the sides of the ring.
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    Advisor Mr. Richard Rovere, sophomore Joanne Haner and head coach Dr. Radleigh Santos all received rings at the ceremony.
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    Sophomore Joanne Haner walks on stage to shake hands with Mr. Rovere before receiving her ring.
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    The theta team struggles to contain their excitement after receiving their championship rings.
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    Sophomore Daniel Block shakes hands with coach Mrs. Chin receiving his championship ring.
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    Last year's Alpha team stands alongside their now statistics teacher Mr. Isaac Sofy. This year, the mathletes will be competing in statistics.
  • IMG_7210.jpg?fit=6000%2C4000
    Head coach Dr. Radleigh Santos hands sophomore Carol Jiang her championship ring on stage.
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    Mu Alpha Theta co-president senior Max Ranis receives his championship ring from Dr. Santos. Ranis earned first place in all of his individual competitions at the state convention held last April.
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    Dr. Radleigh Santos hands junior Gabriel Diriviam his championship ring.
  • IMG_7186.jpg?fit=6000%2C4000
    Mu Alpha Theta coaches and advisors wait on stage for the ring distribution to begin.
  • IMG_7196.jpg?fit=6000%2C4000
    Mu Alpha Theta advisor Mr. Richard Rovere gives a speech at the start of the ceremony.

Mu Alpha Theta receives their championship rings

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It’s common to see a championship ring on the finger of an athlete, but not on a mathlete. This year, Heritage’s Mu Alpha Theta team earned the title of national champion for the first time after winning the Mu Alpha Theta National Convention’s sweepstakes July 16-21 in Buffalo, New York. As a result of their win, Mu Alpha Theta members who went to the state and/or national competition received a state and national championship ring.

Almost eight years ago, Mu Alpha Theta advisor Mr. Richard Rovere asked Dr. Doug Laurie, as a joke, if the math team would receive rings if they won state champions. Dr. Laurie decided that if they did indeed win at nationals, then the team would be given rings. After finishing second every year since then, the team finally became national champions this year.

“For me, the importance of [national champions] is significant. It’s not just the hard work of the coaches, it’s more the hard work and commitment of our students, and your school,” said Mr. Rovere.

The joke of receiving a championship ring came true Dec. 13 at 7 pm in the Main Theater. The ceremony started off with a thank you from Mr. Rovere to all the faculty and students who were dedicated to making the dream of national champions come true.The coaches and sponsors were called to the stage to receive their rings followed by the students who attended states and then those who attended nationals. The ceremony concluded with a group picture.

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