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    Seniors Sofia Godoy and Laila Inan, alongside sophomores Angelin Mathew, Laila Charania, Gauri Kasalra and Zaneer Mitha, hold up their respective awards after the conclusion of WHSMUN. (All photos/Kenzo Kimura and Shirley Wong)
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MUN wins Best Delegation at WMHSMUN

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Earning yet another national title as well as numerous individual awards, the Model United Nations (MUN) team had a successful weekend at the 2018 William and Mary High School Model United Nations (WMHSMUN) conference. From Nov. 9-11, a group of 34 students traveled to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.

Competing in nearly 30 different committees ranging from general assembly to crisis, students collaborated with competitors from across the country to reach resolutions for the issues their committees intended to address while simultaneously advancing their individual goals in order to qualify from awards.

“We had group dinners almost every night and really bonded as a team. As a mostly veterans conference, we spent time with our best friends and were constantly laughing and talking with each other,” MUN President and senior Mikhal Ben-Joseph said.

The team reaped the benefits of their efforts at the award ceremony Nov. 11 where they received many awards, including 10 Best Delegate awards, 6 Outstanding Delegate awards, 6 Honorable Mentions and 4 Verbal Commendations. The sheer number of students recognized also earned the team the Best Large Delegation award for the first time at the WMHSMUN conference.

“This is said to the the most prestigious group award that our school’s MUN team has ever received because WMHSMUN is considered the most elite Fall conference in the United States,” Ben-Joseph said. Ben-Joseph and the rest of the MUN members now hope to further their exceptional performance as they prepare for upcoming conferences next semester.

Best Delegate

  • Rishab Jain
  • Logan Kapit
  • Sofia Godoy
  • Jackson Arnberg
  • Aamir Lacewala
  • Mikhal Ben-Joseph
  • Daniela Velez
  • Azzara Nincevic
  • Max Zintsmaster
  • Emily Moon

Outstanding Delegate

  • Paridhi Kapadia
  • Satya Alagarsamy
  • Zaneer Mitha
  • Naila Charania
  • Claudia Bermudez
  • Alex Yang

Honorable Mention

  • Thomas Lovegren
  • Laila Inan
  • Rayyan Merchant
  • Kenzo Kimura
  • Hijaan Mitha
  • Matthew Robbins

Verbal Commendation

  • Shirley Wong
  • Gauri Kasarla
  • Treasure D’Souza
  • Angelin Mathew

As Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Patriot Post and a third-year staffer, Amber lives and breathes journalism. Alongside her better half and Co-Editor Angela, she converted The Patriot Post into a news magazine and often refers to it as her child. She also serves as the National Honor Society President and English Honor Society Vice President and competes in science research and Model UN. In her (limited) free time, Amber volunteers in the ICU at Cleveland Clinic, bakes, reads, shops and eats brunch (her favorite meal).

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