Myers travels the maple leaf

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Traveling through eastern Canada sounds like a dream vacation, and luckily for junior Emily Myers, that dream became a reality. For nine days, Myers and her family trekked across our northern neighbor, visiting Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa, a region they had yet to discover.

Although this was not Myers’ first time in Canada, it was her first time visiting the Biosphere in Montreal (a museum dedicated to the environment), jet boating on the Lachine Rapids and exploring Parc de la Chute-Montmorency in Quebec, which hosts a massive waterfall, with visitors having the ability to climb 471 steps to the top. As a result of her adventure, Myers conquered a new skill – river rafting. “The best part of my vacation was when my family went river rafting on the Jacques-Cartier river. We wore wetsuits, life jackets and helmets to protect ourselves,” Myers said. In addition to maneuvering the vessel, Myers and her family plunged into the river and swam to shore.

However, despite all the great scenery and exploration, one thing topped everything else: the food. “I will forever remember the Montreal sesame bagels,” Myers said. After being exposed to breathtaking views and exploring new cities,  Myers can put another pin on her map, for she did eastern Canada justice.

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