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National Merit Semifinalists announced

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Last spring, 79 Heritage students were recognized out of 50,000 commended scholars in the nation, scoring in the top one percent on the National Merit Semifinalist Qualifying Test, the PSAT, October 2016. Of these 79, 48 seniors have now joined a group of 16,000 students across the nation in being awarded the National Merit Semifinalist title. These students have maintained Heritage’s ranking as #1 in the State of Florida for National Merit Semifinalists, and now have the opportunity to compete for 7,500 scholarships adding up to approximately $32 million. The recognized seniors are listed below.

  1. Akkiraju, Anurag K.
  2. Alonso, Matthew M.
  3. Atluri, Sriraj
  4. Bafna, Aditya
  5. Baquerizo, Fiona M.
  6. Brown, Chloe A.
  7. Chan, Melody H.
  8. Chandrasekaran, Sajiv G.
  9. Cohen, Dawson H.
  10. Dong, June Y.
  11. Donskoi, Sophia N.
  12. Galbreath, Michael D.
  13. Gonzalez, Arturo S.
  14. Jiang, Joyce Z.
  15. Kabir, Zihan A.
  16. Kang, Jessica J.
  17. Kasarla, Nithya
  18. Kim, Min-kyu
  19. Kolondra Jr., Andrew G.
  20. Leon, Sofia E.
  21. Liu, Zhengyang
  22. Lu, Karen
  23. Makkar, Jasson K.
  24. Matei, Christopher A.
  25. Michel, Melina
  26. Min, David
  27. Patel, Kishan M.
  28. Pena, Cassandra M.
  29. Quesada, Katherine G.
  30. Ranis, Max P.
  31. Rathe, Sydnie E.
  32. Riesenberg, Jamie A.
  33. Rivera, Fernando D.
  34. Rogers, Anna M.
  35. Ryals, Vanessa M.
  36. Sarnecki, Daniel B.
  37. Singh, Justin J.
  38. Stewart, Jordan A.
  39. Tanchak, Jacob A.
  40. Tuck, Jacob C.
  41. Vedantam, Sameera
  42. Waldman, Lauren
  43. Wang, Patrick T.
  44. Ward, Faith I.
  45. Washington, Kamryn
  46. Weber, Alexander R.
  47. Wu, Jessica J.
  48. Yan, Alexander Z.

Find a complete list of all semifinalists in the state:

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