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  • CDB6DD29-46FC-44C5-A17F-CBF97DC68111.jpeg?fit=2263%2C1508
    Senior Catharine Cooper cannot contain her excitement as she signs a contract committing to San Diego State University. Cooper is currently training for the Olympic swimming team.
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  • E8E8B476-06E6-407A-86C4-E00E9180E87D.jpeg?fit=2304%2C1536

Nine early signers commit to college

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Nine student athletes – the most early signers in Heritage history – signed binding Letters of Intent to their colleges today. This morning’s event foreshadows National Signing Day, which is typically the first Wednesday of February.

Beginning at 9:00 a.m., the students, accompanied by friends, coaches and/or family members, gathered in the athletic building. Armed with a black and gold pen reserved exclusively for athletes committing to colleges, they each took turns signing their documents in athletic director Mrs. Karen Stearns’ office.

Below is a list of the early committers and their schools:

Catharine Cooper (Swim) – San Diego State University
Nicholas Pacitti (Swim) – Loyola University Maryland
Alberto Martinez (Golf) – Florida State University
Marisa Soterakis (Softball) – University of South Carolina Upstate
Hannah Sipos (Softball) – University of Florida
Bailey Mantilla (Baseball) – University of Miami
Corey Acton (Baseball) – University of Florida
Julio Cortez (Baseball) – University of South Florida
Triston Casas (Baseball) – University of Miami

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