NOH8 cheers up students with compliment cards

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Students are giving each other compliments without saying a word. NOH8 administered compliment cards to students and encouraged them to pass the cards on to each other March 16. NoH8 is a club centered around promoting acceptance and tolerance throughout school. The club strives to create a safe and comfortable environment for students and holds discussions about issues such as mental health, acceptance and bullying.     

The compliment cards were bright blue or green with a nice or witty saying on one side and “pass it on” on the other side. The day before, club officers and members gathered to come up with different compliments and cut each card out. Members handed out the cards the next morning to other students to pass on. The cards were created to brighten people’s day and spread “happy vibes.”

“When my friend gave me the card, I laughed for a good minute. The cheesy catchphrase on the card really made my day,” said freshman Marco Tortolani.

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