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Driving: a privilege associated with freedom, independence, and countless responsibilities.

To raise awareness of the powerful, life-changing consequences associated with reckless driving, several programs are working to teach new drivers that obeying the rules of the road is not an option, but a personal obligation.

These companies and organizations, including the Teen Safe Driver Program offered by American Family Insurance, the Safe Teen Driver Club and the “It Can Wait” campaign by AT&T have focused their efforts on spreading the word about the importance of safe driving and are often aimed at teenagers.

According to one study published by the National Safety Council, the crash risk increases by 100% when unsupervised teens are in a vehicle. The Safe Teen Driver Club reports that teen drivers cause more fatal accidents than any other group of drivers, mile for mile.

Programs such as the Teen Safe Driver Program educate teenagers about the dangers of not wearing a seat belt, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and not obeying speed limits and traffic laws.

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign was created to put an end to texting and driving. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute reports that 20% of teens admit they have had multi-message text conversations while driving. The “It Can Wait” website even allows users to try a 3D Texting While Driving simulator.

In addition to encouraging drivers of all ages to take a pledge against distracted driving, the “It Can Wait” campaign promotes the use of “#X.” Sending “#X” in a text message before getting behind the wheel lets the recipient know that the conversation will be on hold until the driver has arrived safely at his or her destination.

With numerous programs in place, young and old drivers alike can make a commitment to safe, responsible driving, making the road a safer place for everyone.

To take a pledge, visit the following websites.

Teen Safe Driver Program: http://www.teensafedriver.com/pledge.asp

AT&T’s “It Can Wait” Campaign: http://www.itcanwait.com/pledge

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