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Angele’s first album, “Brol,”  provides listeners with a catchy and stylish array of songs stringed together to form a mélange of different messages and styles. (photo/Angele Store)

Imagine a summer trip to the outskirts of Paris, France. The flowers are in full bloom and the colors are more vibrant than ever. Yellows and pinks wash over fields and in the background, a soft tune fills the air.  In a setting like this, artist Angèle said it best: “C’est pas compliqué d’être heureux.” (It’s not hard to be happy.) A Belgian singer-songwriter, Angèle Van Laeken, better known by her stage name, Angèle, has taken over Europe and has expanded to the U.S. in almost no time. Not only has she gained great popularity in little time, but at 23, she has had her singles at the top of Belgium’s singles charts for the longest time since Stromae’s “Papaoutai.” 

The catch with Angèle is that, even though she is well into her 20s, she embodies the child in all of us. Her videos stream vibrant colors, unique outfits and pastel backdrops- completely innocent. This can be seen with the cover of her first album, “Brol,” as the face of a smiling little girl looks back, her front tooth missing. The childlike but melodic tunes making up the album helped Angèle develop her simple yet recognizable style. A social commentary on jealousy, insecurities and social media, “Brol” explores more mature topics and makes sure to note the things we as a society can do to help lessen the negativity. 

Angèle collaborates with other artists often, a recurring one being her own rapper brother, Romeo Elvis. Together, they created “Tout Oublier,” a colorful play on both of their younger selves as siblings and spending nine weeks at number one on the Ultratop charts. Although they both have distinct sounds, Elvis’s and Angèle’s voices blend to create the single that kickstarted her popularity, winning Belgian singles charts artist awards. 

For Angèle, the future looks promising, as she announced her headlining concert at the Brol tour in 2020 where she would play in Arena de Paris. For more information about Angele, visit her website, where you will also be able to find merchandise. 

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