National Merit Semifinalists announced

Katherine Quesada 2 days ago
Congratulations to our 48 National Merit Semifinalists! Read More

Caring is Key for Katie

Sloane Kapit 2 weeks ago
Katie started this journey in ninth grade by founding her own non-profit organization, Friends for Fosters, Inc.

Hurricane Irma Heads for Florida

Kristen Quesada 2 weeks ago
Gas stations are packed, and food and supply stores are low. Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of...


Psst…Listen for PSAT Plan

Katherine Quesada 5 days ago
As the school year puts a dent in the calendar, so does Ray Dass, or at least his PSAT... Read More

What is DACA?

Asa Zaretsky 1 week ago
Democrats want to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Republicans want to deport most of these people... Read More

One week is not enough time

Joanne Haner 2 weeks ago
Students are rushed to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of the year. More time is... Read More

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Debunking Misogyny

Isabel Chamberlain 3 weeks ago
Kolondra’s article was highly misogynistic as well as imprecise. It uses inaccurate data to maintain sexist viewpoints and defend... Read More


Students weather through Irma

Amber Bhutta 1 week ago
Administrators have cancelled school until Monday, Sept. 18 due to flooding at school and the prolonged return time of evacuees. Read More

Sabrina Lin – Art with a Purpose

Kenzo Kimura 2 weeks ago
The Beautiful Campaign was founded so that society can become more aware of how they treat others that may be different from themselves....

Amateur Astronomers pack Markham Park for solar views

Vanessa Ryals 4 weeks ago
Guests to the Fox Astronomical Observatory can see all these and the Galilean moons every Saturday night from sunset...


Eclipse Watching with a Planetary Punch

Alyssa Herzbrun 1 month ago
In planning for the eclipse, companies provide gear and several excursions for those who plan to get the best experience with totality. Read More

Politics in Entertainment

Zihan Kabir 4 months ago
Now more than ever, it is our responsibility, and the responsibility of celebrities, to encourage discussion so that we...

Fashion Forward: 2017 prom trends

Carrie Kuecks 4 months ago
Make sure you are ready for a dramatic entrance in a fashion statement that showcases your personality.


Swimming: Patriots vs. University School & Chaminade-Madonna

Andrew Kolondra Jr. 4 hours ago  0
After a long break from practices due to Hurricane Irma, the Heritage Aquatic Team is back at the second... Read More

Patriots power through to 2-0

Alex Becker 3 weeks ago  0
The impressive blowout win over Liberty should boost the eighth ranked Patriots up in national football rankings by MaxPreps. Read More

Heads Up: How Heritage protects players from concussions

Kenzo Kimura 4 weeks ago  0
Even armed with the knowledge of the dangers concussions pose, many sports players, are undeterred from pursuing their passion. Read More

Marlins prepare to dive into the season

Alex Becker 6 months ago  0
This year's team is young, talented and has the chemistry to bounce back after a rough 2016. Read More

Tackling defense, junior year, and a new school

Shruti Chandra 7 months ago  0
Junior John Fris had to tackle an additional opponent this year: a new school. Read More

Girls named All-Stars

Alex Becker 8 months ago  0
Being named an All-Star is a great accomplishment, but to have four players on one team named All-Stars is... Read More