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A Spooktacular Celebration

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    Photo: Angela Lin
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The haunted halls of the 9100 building and student’s cars parked in Lot 3 were decked out in this year’s spookiest decorations as students and teachers welcomed young children to the National Honor Society’s (NHS) annual Trunk-or-Treat fundraiser from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Lower School and Upper School both participated in the event to support this year’s causes: Angel Tree and Project Alive.

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Patriots inch closer to playoff after Homecoming win

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Homecoming King and Queen weren’t the only ones crowned after tonight’s game, as the Patriots’ 44-0 win against the Hallandale High School Chargers marked them District 5A champions for the second consecutive year.

Senior running back Anthony Schwartz scored the first touchdown of the night after catching a 46-yard pass by quarterback Cam Smith. After a second 1-yard touchdown by Smith, coupled with a 2-point safety and two successful PATs by senior kicker Jared Elstein, the Patriots clear first quarter 16-0.

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Students sport their teams on Hoco Day Two

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Students wore their favorite sports jerseys on Homecoming dress-up day two. Those participating were allowed to wear a sports jersey or t-shirt with leggings or uniform shorts. Many students supported college and NFL football teams, baseball teams and soccer teams from across the globe.

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Tuesday was for ghostbusting

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Today’s homecoming movie night in the gym attracted large numbers of students, ranging from seventh graders to upper school seniors. Students sprawled out on blankets with their friends, some using their backpacks as pillows. Since it was a movie event, the concession stand remained packed before the movie began, serving pizza, ice cream, sodas and other snacks. While the event itself was free, all proceeds from the concessions went to Project Alive.

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Sweet dreams this homecoming

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Students kicked off Homecoming week by wearing their coziest pajamas for “Candyland/Sweet Dreams Pajama Day.” Many students and teachers participated and wore onesies, pajama sets or just t-shirts and sweatpants. The theme of this year’s homecoming dance and dress-up week is based around games – both traditional board games and newer, digital apps.

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