Peas In a Pod(cast): 4 Podcasts that should be on your list

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Started in 2004, podcasting has grown and continues to grow at an enormous rate with an estimated value of $1 billion by 2021. (Photo/Emily Anderson)

Listening to music can sometimes get old, making you want to either switch the song or find something else entirely. Podcasts make great things to listen to when you want to find out information or listen to a show without having to sit down and focus on a TV or phone screen. In this list, I have compiled 4 of the best podcasts I’ve come across on Apple Podcasts. 

Welcome to Night Vale (Thriller/Creepy)

If I had to pick my favorite podcast on this list, I would have to choose “Welcome to Night Vale.” The story takes place in a desert town named Night Vale, located in an unidentified part of American Southwest. The podcast features a series of community updates from the town’s radio broadcaster, Cecil Palmer. “Welcome to Night Vale’s” creepy town and constant eerie events make the listening experience stand out from many other podcasts that I’ve listened to. If you’re looking for a unique podcast that also has a bit of a thrill factor, then you should definitely check out “Welcome to Night Vale.”

Plant Proof (Health and Lifestyle)

I don’t listen to too many health and lifestyle podcasts, but I had to make an exception for “Plant Proof.”  The podcast features stories of people who live a plant-based lifestyle and how that affects their current life. The extensive list of episodes tackling so many angles of a plant-based lifestyle –– including information from doctors and athletes  — really opened my eyes and played a major role in my transition to a plant-based lifestyle as well. “Plant Proof” makes a definite must for anyone considering going plant-based or just wanting to know more about this lifestyle.

Earth To Us (Inspirational/Educational)

Although finished, “Earth To Us” really kicked off my journey to living a conscious lifestyle.  Led by Evan Oliver and Hannah McNeely, the podcast discusses ways to improve yourself through your actions upon the world. Each episode focuses on different parts of our lives. For example, some episodes focus on zero waste and health; others may discuss friendships and diversity. If you’re looking for an inspirational podcast that gets you thinking about your lifestyle habits “Earth To Us” should top your list of podcasts to listen to. 

Strangers (Biographies)

I have never listened to a podcast that has a plot as binge-worthy as “Strangers.” The podcast tells a series of biographies of strangers who producer Lea Thau comes across. According to Story Central, the home of “Strangers,” the podcast features “true stories about the people we meet, the connections we make, the heartbreaks we suffer, the kindnesses we encounter and those frightful moments when we discover that we aren’t even who we thought we were.” The stories become more addicting as the episodes progress and even a little scary, exposing listeners to a reality sometimes so unlike their own. If you’re looking for some out-of-this-world true stories, you should consider listening to “Strangers.”

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  1. Love your article Emily! I am not a podcast person but after reading your article I am going to check out some of these podcasts. Thanks again Emily! Please keep writing these very informative articles. Love you!

  2. Great article! The conscious one definitely sounds like a great one to try and strangers is great. Thanks for the insight!

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