Pep Rally 2018: A Photo Story

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Nothing quite “shouts” homecoming like a pep rally. The annual tradition of the homecoming pep rally began with the marching band playing an upbeat song as students filled the seats in the theater. Once the theater completely filled with juniors 4th period and seniors 5th period, the band proceeded to play fan favorite songs, such as “All I Do is Win.”

Following the band, the varsity cheer and Patriot Dancers livened up the already rowdy theater with stunts and performances.

After the performances, the homecoming court and football team were introduced and students were encouraged to support the team at the homecoming game that night against Stranahan High School. To comedically encourage student support, Mrs. Burns, the freshman class advisor, donned a dragon representing Stranahan’s mascot and “fought” against the American Heritage Patriot.

To close out the event, the band performed iconic songs, leaving senior high students energized with school spirit ready for the evening football game.

Photos by Joanne Haner, Bella Ramirez and Kayla Rubenstein

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