Photo Gallery: Heritage Homecoming 2018 Day 1

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Students kicked off Homecoming week by sporting their class shirts for “Hunger Games-Class T-Shirt Day.” Grades 7-12 had different colored shirts corresponding to their grade levels. Seventh graders wore yellow, eighth graders wore orange, freshman wore green, sophomores wore blue, juniors wore purple and seniors wore red. Every shirt had a “Heritage Goes to the Movies” design printed on the back, featuring characters from each of the Homecoming dress-up days and themes: Iron Man for “Superhero PJ Day,” Harry Potter for “Mathlete v. Athlete Day,” Moana for “Hawaiian Day” and High School Musical characters for “Black and Gold Day.”


Tuesday, students will wear their coziest superhero pajamas for “The Avengers- Superhero PJ Day.”


Photos taken by Amber Bhutta, Joanne Haner, Madison Lynn and Bella Ramirez.

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