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Players commit to colleges on National Signing Day

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Thirty-two players from the Varsity Baseball, Softball, Girls Soccer, Girls Basketball, Girls Tennis, Swimming, Boys Golf, Boys Lacrosse and Football teams signed to colleges in the main theater, accompanied by approximately 500 family, friends, coaches and fans. The event ran from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Feb. 7.

“It’s obviously been exciting to watch our kids go through it. We’re excited to see what they decide,” athletic director Ms. Karen Stearns said to the Sun-Sentinel.

However, four student-athletes stole the spotlight, with ESPNU streaming their decisions live: seniors Patrick Surtain II, Tyson Campbell, Nesta Silvera and Andrew Chatfield. Surtain and Campbell, both five-star cornerbacks, were two of the top three remaining uncommitted players nationally. Surtain signed to the University of Alabama and Campbell signed to the University of Georgia.

Silvera, a four-star prospect, moves on from the Patriots to the Miami Hurricanes as a defensive tackle commit.  Chatfield, a four-star edge rusher, shocked the crowd as he prematurely toyed with the University of Miami cap, but ultimately pulled up a Chucky doll adorned in a University of Florida cap to announce his final decision. Silvera and Chatfield both were accompanied by Chucky dolls, a symbol that has been passed along by Florida Gators defensive linemen over the last few years, and it now seemed Silvera has brought the tradition to Miami.

“They [University of Alabama football team] win championships and over here we are used to winning championships, so I want to be apart of that winning culture,” Surtain said.

Campbell is now a member of the University of Georgia recruit team, the best recruited team in the nation. “When I went to Georgia, I felt comfortable. It was a place that I could see myself playing at. They have a great coaching staff to help me get to the next level,” Campbell said. “Kirby Smart just showed me love. He was keeping it real with me from the get go. It is just up to me to put the work in if I want to get on the field early as a freshman.”

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