Playlist of the Month: Bring on the beat

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Workout this Wednesday with some high energy music. Rid yourself of your mid-week worries – sweat it out and let it out with these six energetic beats.

“You Shook Me All Night” by AC/DC

If you’re into rock n’ roll, this song will surely rock your workout. With the electrifying guitar solo in the beginning and overall upbeat tune, you’ll have the motivation to run for miles.

Check it out here


“Addicted to You” by David Guetta

For a more disco-esque sound, “Addicted to You” will keep you energized for your whole workout — maybe even invite you to get up and dance a little to this high-energy song.

Check it out here


“Let’s Go” by Calvin Harris

If you’re not feeling your workout today, this song will definitely keep you going. With its consistent beat and motivational message, you’ll be sure to keep moving.

Check it out here


“Stay High” by Tove Lo

You’ll never get bored listening to this tune, you’ll just start to sing along. With its catchy lyrics and energetic beat, you’ll not only be exercising your body but also your vocal chords.

Check it out here


“Higher Ground” by TNGHT

To help you lift to the max, this downright grungy beat will keep you in beast mode through your reps.

Check it out here


“Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Drake

For a calming cool down, Drake has your back. This soothing tune combined with Drake’s smooth voice will make you refreshed to enjoy the rest of your day.

Check it out here

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