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Pre-Med society hosts 5k for a Better Day

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With its goal of improving the living conditions and facilities for the Salah Foundation Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology unit, the Pre Medical Society hosted its annual 5k for a Better Day marathon. Club members arrived at Markham Park at 5 a.m to set up the event in time for the 7 a.m. registration time, though most of the preparation for the 5k began long before.

“We actually start planning the next 5k as soon as the previous one is over,” junior Anam Ahmed, Pre Med 5k chairperson, said.

For nearly 12 months, Pre-Med officers and members hunted for sponsors, recruited runners and promoted the event. The Greater Fort Lauderdale Runners Club assisted in organizing the logistics for the 5k, with Pre Med officers acting as liaisons between it and those participating in the event.

“We often have to communicate with adults who own large companies, have important positions, and overall are very experienced in their field,” Ahmed said. “That’s what‘s interesting about this event and our society; we high school students are able to efficiently organize a large community event and raise thousands of dollars for kids with cancer. It’s amazing how much of an impact we make.”


Over 350 runners attended the event, including numerous Heritage students. All proceeds from the event will go toward building a playroom in the Pediatric Oncology unit at the Salah Foundation Hospital.

“Our belief is that happiness paves the way to health and we try to give these kids the childhood they deserve,” Ahmed said. “The moment when you see a kid smile out of pure happiness because of something we were able to provide them with our events, the focus of our cause is completely clear: we want to help these kids be kids.”

As Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Patriot Post and a third-year staffer, Amber lives and breathes journalism. Alongside her better half and Co-Editor Angela, she converted The Patriot Post into a news magazine and often refers to it as her child. She also serves as the National Honor Society President and English Honor Society Vice President and competes in science research and Model UN. In her (limited) free time, Amber volunteers in the ICU at Cleveland Clinic, bakes, reads, shops and eats brunch (her favorite meal).

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