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After a long day of school, many students might not think the best after-school activity is to physically exert themselves for two to three hours, but those students might want to think again. High school sports offer experiences unattainable through any other medium. Throughout a student’s sports career, experiences build good characteristics such as sportsmanship, responsibility, and leadership — all valuable assets to assist you in the future.

Friendships with teammates transcend the field.  As a result of the stressful situations during games and the dependency on one’s teammates to help, the bonds built are ones that can last throughout high school and possibly beyond. According to girls varsity soccer player, junior Jaida Scott, “Soccer helped me get through my freshman year because I probably would not have met anyone. It helped me build long-term relationships inside and outside of school.”

Sports not only offer fun and friendship but also benefit your academic present and future. According to the Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise journal, “Students who were active in sports like soccer, football and even skateboarding performed 10 percent better in core subjects like math, science, social studies and language arts.”

Student athletes are expected to display discipline, self-respect, and a competitive spirit — all characteristics that colleges look for in prospective students. College admissions officers know the commitment it takes to be on the swim or lacrosse team.

Student-athletes are also physically active, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sports offer students an outlet for stress and anxiety by exercising, keeping them fit. As students get in shape, they are more likely to take care of their bodies. According to research from Dartmouth College, “Kids who played on three or more sports teams in a year, were 27 percent less likely to be overweight, and 39 percent less likely to be obese than those teens who did not play team sports.”

Playing a sport allows one to make memories that will never be forgotten. Whether it’s the time the team won the state championships or lost miserably to its biggest rival, recollecting these memories will be a favorite pastime. Sports offer the opportunity to be enveloped in a passion for something that drives one to excel, and students should take advantage of this opportunity to make memories that last a lifetime.

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