Putting the hip in hip-hop

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Junior Israel Del Rosario began dancing at the age of 8, but little did he know the bright future in the dance world lying ahead of him. This school year, he decided to create and introduce his own new hip-hop crew, called “Livin,” to the school dance department.

“I wanted to create something the school has yet to see from any of the dancers,” Del Rosario said. He decided against spreading the word as he already knew who he wanted in the crew and hoped to keep his project in line as with his own vision.

“I am constantly watching for potential in dance, not only with dancers, but also people in general,” he said. “This is a specific group of individuals who I feel will look the best dancing to the vision in my head.”

According to Del Rosario, the crew is not what it seems. Rather than a hard-hitting, raw form of hip-hop, it embodies a smooth, slow and controlled form. Members of the crew include seniors Logan Roberts and Elena Espinoza, junior Madison Flanagan, sophomores Falyn Fisher and Noelle Greaux and himself.

As of right now, the crew will make its debut performance at the dance concert this fall and follow up during the spring concert. However, it may potentially perform on more occasions, so make sure to look out for them.

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