Science Olympiad team debuts at regionals

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Junior Pierre Younes discusses the event list for the Science Olympiad competition at Florida Atlantic University Feb. 29. Students can compete in lab-based events, pre-built events and research based events. (Photo/Emma Remudo)

The Science Olympiad is a science competition aimed toward real-world applications in various science disciplines including biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. The Science Olympiad, founded in 1984, has grown to include 8,000 teams in nearly all 50 states. 

Realizing the school had a junior high but no senior high team, junior Pierre Younes brought the club to Heritage this year under the sponsorship of the science department and Ms. Jennifer Fermin. 

“I created and coached the team at my previous school. I love the interaction with students who love science and get excited to learn and experience new things,”  Ms. Fermin said.

Members competed in the Division C competition for the 2020 Regional State Olympiad Feb. 29 at Florida Atlantic University. Here, students competed in lab-based, research-based and pre-built events. 

“I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to meet new people and make bonds with people I had never met before. I would definitely do it again next year,” junior Montserrat De Allende Silva said. 

Recruitment started with an examination covering various disciplines of science. The 30 members separated into Team 1 and Team 2. Team 1, consisting of 15 members, placed ninth overall and Team 2 placed sixteenth. From regionals, consisting of 38 high schools, a maximum of three teams could qualify for states. Team 1 qualified to move on to the state tournament at the University of Florida March 21.

Team 1 members participated in the Ping Pong Parachute event. (Video/Iris Lang)


Anatomy and Physiology: Team 1, 8th place; Team 2, 7th place 
Astronomy: Team 1, 10th place
Chemistry Lab: Team 2, 1st place 
Circuit lab: Team 1, 7th place; Team 2 3rd place 
Designer genes: Team 2, 8th place 
Disease detectives: Team 1, 10th place
Experimental design: Team 1, 3rd place; Team 2, 8th place 
Fossils: Team 1, 10th place
Machines: Team 1, 8th place; Team 2, 10th place 
Ornithology: Team 1 8th, place; Team 2, 10th place 
Water Quality: Team 1, 6th place

Emma Remudo is a junior at American Heritage School in Plantation Fla. and features editor of the Patriot Post. Outside of newsmagazine, she is secretary for Future Business Leaders of America and outreach director for TASSEL Florida. In her free time, she enjoys window shopping at Home Goods and trying vegan foods.

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  1. I love Science Olympiad! Way to go SH team. Our JH team won first and second place. All of our team are amazing. Go AHS!

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