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Seeing double on Homecoming day two

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Take a tumble down a rabbit hole to the second day of homecoming week. After sporting class shirts on Monday, students embraced their Disney side by coordinating clothing with their closest friends for “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Twin Day.” This year, twin day was a huge success.

“So many people partook in the event – definitely more than last year,” said sophomore Max Stasio.

Across campus, students and faculty alike delighted in being able to throw several dress code policies aside in exchange for twin wear.

“It was fun to finally choose what to wear. A few friends and I wore all black and white clothing,” said freshman Ryan Sherota.

“I loved twinning with my best friend and boyfriend. I really wish we had a twin day every year,” added junior Chelsea Sinclair.

On Wednesday, students will don crowns and pajamas for “Sleeping Beauty Day.”63.1 63.2 63.3 63.4 63.5 63.6 63.7


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