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Seniors emerge victorious in Powderpuff

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“We, we tell the story! We tell the whole story, this is Patriot territory,” shouts a group of cheerleaders, chanting on the sidelines of the field. This is no ordinary football game, however, for males and females have switched places: while the girls play flag football on the field, the boys cheer on their fellow classmates.

Heritage’s annual Powderpuff game took place Nov. 5 at 6 p.m. on the football field. The freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes sent representatives to play in the games. All students were notified of the event via email and were able to attend practices before game day.

The powderpuff games began with the junior class competing against the seniors.

“I was disappointed at first to hear that the junior class would not have a team, but I am very excited that our class came through. We look amazing,” junior Tori Grimet said.

Hanna Leace, a member of the junior flag football team, said, “We love our class and wanted all the underclassmen to be ready, because we are going to be the best senior class they ever saw!”

With 3 touchdowns and a score of 3-0, the senior class emerged victorious.

Following the junior-senior game, the freshman team competed against the sophomores. “I thought [the event] would be a fun way to interact with others, be social, and spend time with friends,” Robert Cohen, a member of the freshman Powderpuff cheerleading team, said.

With a final score of 2-1, the sophomore team won the event against the freshman team.

Following these games, the two winning teams, seniors and sophomores, competed in the final event. The seniors, with a score of 2-1, were then crowned the official winners of the Powderpuff games.

Following the event, the boys of the senior cheerleading team performed a choreographed routine and the class of 2017 performed a senior dance.

The games were definitely very close and exciting,” sophomore Manusri Viswanathan said.

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