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    Dressed in red, the signature senior color, the Class of 2018 powderpuff football team and cheerleaders celebrate their victory over the sophomore team.
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    Photo: Vanessa Ryals
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Seniors reclaim victory in Homecoming Powderpuff game

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Not more than an hour after school, the far end of campus buzzed with excitement as students gathered in anticipation for tonight’s homecoming Powderpuff game.

Prior to the flag football game, in which girls play while the boys act as cheerleaders, students were able to purchase food from two food trucks on campus: Cheeseburger Baby, which sold chili cheese fries and all varieties of burgers, and Yummy Frozen Treats, which sold ice cream. Many simply hung out and listened to electronic music played by DJ Economixxx (better known as senior macroeconomics teacher Mr. Harry Torres).

When the sun began to set and country music blared from the football field’s loudspeakers, senior and sophomore girls strapped on their flag belts to begin the first game.

With a score of 14-7, the senior girls emerged victorious.

Next, juniors went up against the freshmen, defeating them 28-0.

Before the two winning teams, the seniors and juniors, played their final game, the “cheerleaders” put on a brief halftime performance. The junior boys performed a routine to the song “Circle of Life,” and the senior boys, finally organized, performed a coordinated dance routine which included both stunts and flips.

With a final score of 7-0, the senior girls defeated the juniors to win Powderpuff, reclaiming their crown after two long years.


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