Seven Patriots sign National Letters of Intent

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Taliyah (left) and Tatyana Wyche (right) sign their NLIs, confirming their verbal commitment made back in March. (Photo/Ethan Masel)

As part of the early signing period, seven Patriots signed their National Letter of Intent (NLI) this past Wednesday, Nov. 11. The total signees are as follows:

Senior Tatyana Wyche – University of Florida, Women’s Basketball

“It meant a lot to me,” Tatyana Wyche said regarding her signing. “I was more excited that it is now official because that has always been my dream school. The main reason I signed to Florida was because I live the bond that I had with the coaches, and I love the way the team played.”

Senior Taliyah Wyche – University of Florida, Women’s Basketball

“It probably was the most exciting thing to happen this year,” Taliyah Wyche said on her signing. “I signed to the University of Florida because the coach staff are one of a kind, you don’t really find those coaches anywhere.”

Senior Jordyn McCullough – Lynn University, Women’s Lacrosse

“I decided to sign to Lynn University because of its growing lacrosse team, and amazing Sports Management program,” McCullough said. “The team is very family oriented and made me feel like I belonged.”

Senior Devin Futrell – Vanderbilt University, Baseball

“Signing my letter of intent was a dream come true,” Futrell said. “Vanderbilt has always been my dream school ever since I was a little kid. I used to watch Vanderbilt play on TV. I find it crazy that I could be a part of that program and have kids look up to me. The main reason I signed is because when my brother went on college tours I went with him. I never liked seeing the super spread apart colleges with main roads going through the campus, and when I visited Vanderbilt, it was a beautiful small-sized campus that has everything within walking distance. Also the baseball program is top tier, and the player development is unbeatable. You are taught to work for what you earn, and I felt that Vanderbilt was the best college to be at.”

Senior Anthony Nelson – West Point Military Academy, Baseball

“Signing my NLI meant so much to me from being someone who people thought couldn’t go D1, proving them all wrong, going D1 and signing to a Military Academy,” Nelson said. “It also meant a lot because of how proud I made my parents and family, and to know that I finally made it and I’m going to college. I [have] an opportunity to compete at a D1 level and play against the best teams and players in the country and to serve such a great country like the United States of America. I’ll be able to attend such an amazing school and earn the benefits it has, I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.”

Senior Justin Webster – Kansas State University, Baseball

“It’s almost a dream come true to me because I’ve been playing baseball since I was four years old and have always dreamed of making it to the MLB,” Webster said. “To me this is just a step in the right direction to make my dreams seem more achievable. I decided to commit to Kansas State because they treated me like I was already a part of the team, and it felt like a home. Another main reason is because when I go there freshman year, I will have a chance to start as a freshman in a very competitive conference. If I can prove myself my first couple of years, my dream of being a professional baseball player may become a reality.”

Senior Juhlien Gonzalez – Florida International University, Baseball

“I’m going to be one of the first in my family to go to a Division 1 college,” Gonzalez said. I’ve worked for this my entire life. I have a lot of reasons for choosing FIU, and one of them is that I was given a scholarship in eighth grade. I know I’m going to a college that I see myself going too. It was one of the best things to happen to me. Coach Malendez from FIU made it feel like a home to me.”

(Photos/Ethan Masel)

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