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Singing from the heart

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In conclusion to another successful choral season, the Spring Choral Concert recognized student vocal achievement and shared the many emotions that have plagued the community over the last few months.

The theme, “Music Makes a Difference,” stretched throughout the entire performance through songs of a variety of tones and emotions, culminating in a group number entitled “I’ll Make a Difference.” The song specifically drew attention to the recent protests for gun reform and encouraged students to continue sharing their opinions in the fight to make a difference. Chosen from a capella, womens’ or mixed chorus, multiple students sang solos within the song symbolizing the capability of each student to sing out or speak up about their feelings.

In addition to the singers, the concert featured students of multiple musical talents including pianist freshman Rita Paixo and percussionists sophomore Jeremiah Bang, junior Shiv Chokshi and freshman Davel Prieto.

In honor of Mrs. Hannah Rariden’s last chorus concert as director of the Middle School Chorus, the junior high students presented her with an assortment of flowers and a card that they all signed. The students also gave small speeches about the impact Mrs. Rariden had on them and how she strengthened their interest and talent in music.

A final goodbye to the seniors as well, the chorus concert ended the choral year with a strong message and a final bow.

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