Spanish Honor Society hosts first annual Multicultural show

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Prior to the event, SHS members created a promotional flyer to advertise their first multicultural show. (Photo/Kevin Yueng)

Spanish Honor Society (SHS) held their first Multicultural show in the EEC April 26. Along with providing Latino dishes, members of the club formed pairs to perform a traditional flamenco dance. “We hope that this will be an annual performance in the future to continue celebrating the diversity of cultures that we have in our school,” SHS president Kevin Yeung said. 

With just two practice sessions in the high school dance studio, performers took to the stage in black bottoms and a red, yellow or orange shirt. Tikkun Olam and French Honor society also performed. Sophomore Caroline Greengrass, a member of French Honor Society, recited a poem called “La Petite Ville”.  “I had memorized it [the poem] for the French competition in Orlando and I thought the multicultural show was a great opportunity to show my love for the French language and culture,” Greengrass said.

SHS pre-sold tickets for $2 and is donating all of the money to Project Alive. Whether uniting to promote a more globally aware community or to raise money for a cause, multicultural clubs came to together to achieve a common goal. 

“Given the persistence of certain stereotypes surrounding some nationalities, we hope that this multicultural show demystifies what it means to be Colombian, or Jewish, or Chinese so that we can live harmoniously not as homogeneous, separate cultures, but simply as Americans,” Yeung said.

Emma is a sophomore at American Heritage School in Plantation Fla. Although this is her first year working as a part of the newspaper, she is extremely excited to be a part of the staff. Emma is also an active member of PAWS and TASSEL. In her free time she loves window shopping at home goods and trying vegan foods.

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