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    Rising seniors Angeline Perez, Juliana Lerner, Daniela DeVeer, Alexis Feldman and Mia Bromberg hold up balloons to celebrate the class of 2019. (Photo submitted by Mia Bromberg)
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    Rising seniors Anam Ahmed, Emily Pallack, Ephraim Oyetunji, Samara Miller and Emily Irigoyen show off their Black Panther pride while participating in Step-Up Day. (Photo submitted by Ephraim Oyetunji)

Step-Up Day rings in a new status for juniors

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At Heritage, the transition from junior to senior year manifests itself on the festive Step-Up Day. The class of 2019 came to school ready to establish their newly-acquired status as seniors on Monday, May 21, following the graduation ceremony that took place over the weekend. Many wore their step up day T-shirts which read “Heritage Class of 2019” on the front with the slogan, “DREAM B19,” on the back to symbolize the motto for the upcoming Class of 2019. “Step Up Day unites our class because everyone gets to participate in it and go all out. [It] helps create school and class spirit because everyone comes together to show that at last we have become seniors and we are ready to take our last year by storm,” said Ephraim Oyetunji, the newly elected senior class president.

A large yellow banner displaying its love for the 2019 seniors adorned the area behind the 3000 building. Here, the new seniors could pick up klondike bars, chipwiches or ice cream sandwiches with a ticket they received in first hour. During lunch, many of the seniors gathered here and around the banners surrounding Mrs. Krisynda Cicos’ room to take photos with one another and celebrate the occasion.

“It’s awesome getting to see people go all out for this day. I am glad to see the energy and effort that my peers have put in to make Step-Up Day tons of fun and creative. It’s exciting to see that this passion is there early on, and I can not wait to see what we can do as a class to have even more amazing senior class events later on in the year,” Oyetunji said.

Sloane is a senior at American Heritage and holds the role of Assistant Editor in Chief and Cover Story Editor of the Patriot Post. Her love of both writing and design drew her into the world of communications. She serves as the president of the Pre-Law Society and Habitat for Humanity (AHS Chapter) and often works with children through UNICEF and Kids in Distress. Sloane also has a passion for fashion that she loves to share with others.

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