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After airing its final season this past May, “She-ra and the Princesses of Power” fans have took to Twitter to create #Sheramovie, in hopes of a movie sequel. (Photo/Netflix)

With COVID-19 causing many individuals to spend more time in their houses, pastimes like movies and TV shows are becoming more popular than they once were. As quarantine continues, more streaming platforms have either released content in replacement of movie theater versions or just simply released content earlier. Here are some of the most popular shows and movies that have been released on streaming platforms. 

Queer Eye Season 5 (Netflix)

Over a decade after the original series aired, Netflix launched its original series, Queer Eye. In the series, the new “Fab Five” set out to meet people who usually have contrasting beliefs to their own and give them a lifestyle makeover. In the show’s fifth season, the group gives makeovers to ten people, including a dog groomer, young mother, and priest.

She-ra and the Princesses of Power (Netflix)

This reboot of the 1980’s series released its fifth and final season of the show this past May. In the show, previous Horde soldier and superheroine, She-ra, rebels against the evil empire she was born into and creates a rebellion along with her friends Glimmer and Bow. 

Hamilton (Disney +)

This past July, Disney+ released a live recorded version of the award-winning Broadway musical, Hamilton. The musical focuses on the life of founding father, Alexander Hamilton, while blending music styles of hip hip, jazz and R&B. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The 1990’s classic, Buffy the Vampire, features teenager Buffy Summers who finds out she’s a vampire slayer. The show features Buffy’s adventures in saving her home town from Vampires and accepting her destiny as a vampire slayer while pushing aside her dream of high  school popularity.

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