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The WAHS team holds up their awards on the final day of the convention. 
(Photo/Ms. Maria Molina)

WAHS provides us with news that spans the world on a daily basis. During the week of spring break, they honed their skills by attending the Student Television Network (STN) convention. This year, the convention was held in Seattle, Wash.. The four-day conference provided students with the opportunity to compete against other schools and attend workshops held by TV broadcasters from across the country. Students learned how to better anchor and report, approach different stories and even find internship positions.

The hotel where the convention was located included about 60 sessions for students to learn the specifics of broadcasting. Over 40 speakers from around the country attended to explain their experience in the reporting industry. The keynote speaker, Mario Juarez, worked as an innovator for Microsoft and reported in several states including Alaska and Washington for more than 20 years. As the founder of StoryCo, a company that values work through storytelling, Juarez spoke to help both students and teachers create more rewarding stories and engage in the writing process.

The sponsors played a major role in funding the journalism convention. The event was sponsored by almost 30 different groups including college broadcasting schools such as the University of Miami and Florida State University and multimedia corporations including GoPro. These sponsors helped fund the many competitions happening at the convention.

The contests, a major part of the convention, included silent films, sports reporting, weather reports and even social media stories. One of the biggest competitions of the convention, known as the Crazy 8 in which students have one hour to film an entire morning show, included Broadcast Morning Show and Short Films.

Award Winners:

2nd place, Convention Promo – Brandon Woods, Ana Curi, Adriana Cardenas and Khameron Auerbach
Honorable Mention, Live Interview – Zachary Dishinger and Cole Holifield
Honorable Mention, Crazy 8 Broadcast Morning Show -Theodore Rackauskas, Jeremiah Bang and Alexander Nazareth

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