Students’ artwork become the spotlight of Broward Art Guild

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This article was written by Angela Lin, class of 2019.

For many students, having their artwork exhibited is a big achievement and showcases the work they put into them. Students had the ability to submit their artwork to the annual Broward Art Guild Youth Art Competition and Exhibit. Select pieces were exhibited Nov. 14 from 5-7 p.m. at Gallery7 in the Broward County Library.

The Broward Art Guild, a non-profit organization that works with South Florida based artists and supporters, hosts many different gallery exhibitions and competitions, one of which is the Youth Art Competition. All students from sixth to twelfth grade were welcome to enter their artwork of choice in any medium. In order to enter, students had to pay a fee of $10 and enter a picture of their work digitally. The competition received 257 submissions this year, which were then sorted into categories by grade: sixth through eighth grade and ninth through twelfth grade. The judge then decided upon approximately 150 pieces to exhibit. After the chosen pieces were displayed, the judge then walked through the exhibit and determined which pieces deserved awards. Each year, the criteria for winning pieces changes.

Every judge is different — one may be looking for originality, another may look for quality and another may look for presentation. Lighting, composition, use of color or negative space are all factors that help determine the judge’s choices,” Broward Art Guild Office Manager Kandi Haggerty said.

Judges awarded pieces with Best in Show, second place, third place, Judge’s Recognition and four honorable mentions in each grade category. In addition, people who attended the exhibition had the opportunity to vote on their favorite piece. The piece with the most votes received the People’s Choice Award. Of the 145 pieces exhibited, 68 belonged to Heritage students. Several students also received awards including Best in Show, second place, third place, Judge’s Recognition and honorable mention.

“I was so surprised when I got Best in Show. I’m really glad that all the hours I put into my painting paid off,” senior Stephanie Nascimento said.

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Here is a full list of winners:

Student Grade Title Medium
Myla Allaf 11 The Market Silver Gelatin Print
Isabele DeAllende Silva 11 At the End of the day Silver Gelatin Print
Isabele DeAllende Silva 11 Another Way Silver Gelatin Print
Ana Furtado 10 Cinderelly Silver Gelatin Print
Jasmine Allen 11 Drip Digital Photography
Khameron Auerbach 12 Early Evening in a Garden Digital Photography
Khameron Auerbach 12 Sumberous Octopus Digital Photography
Daniela deVeer 12 A Long Day Digital Photography
Aimee Finkelstein 11 Reflections Digital Photography
Aimee Finkelstein 11 Stare Digital Photography
Sachita Jariwala 11 In Flight Digital Photography
Morgan Kirchmier 11 San Gimignano Digital Photography
Hailey Mayer 12 Leaping Dog Silver Gelatin Print
Janelle Naylon 11 ninth street Digital Photography
Caitlyn Pyson-Titman 11 Beautiful Art Digital Photography
Lidya Sezer 11 Distracting from the Flame Digital Photography
Alexis Feldman 12 Never Again Digital Photography
**Alexis Feldman 12 Tied Digital Photography – 2nd Place
Adel Hashimova 12 Lake Digital Photography
Adel Hashimova 12 Countryside Digital Photography
Pedro Jogaib 12 Grandpa Digital Photography
Ryan Sherota 12 Bayside Digital Photography
Ryan Sherota 12 Rest Stop Digital Photography
Lauren Gillet 12 Girl Framed Digital Photography
Kathryn Treacy 12 Sprayed Digital Photography
Kathryn Treacy 12 Staring Digital Photography
Shelcia Lelis 12 Dogs and Sticks Digital Photography
Catherine Gomez-Thompson 11 Triumph Digital Photography
Juanita Sierra 11 My Daisy Scratchboard
Nicole Molina 11 Slab Sculpture Ceramic
Nicole Molina 11 Double Vases Ceramic
**Daniel Block 11 Textured Vase Ceramic – Honorable Mention
Daniel Block 11 Infested Bust Ceramic
Olivia Lender 12 Slab Project Ceramic
**Olivia Lender 12 Textured Vase Ceramic  – Honorable Mention
Thea McKenna 12 Sand City Cardboard Sculpture
Thea McKenna 12 A squared plus b squared equals c squared Glass and Wood/Sculpture
Flora Ranis 11 World of Cabbage Colored pencil, water color pen, construction paper and paper towel
Flora Ranis 11 In our Hands Graphite and colored pencil
Laura Mellado 11 Treasure Island Oil Paint
Laura Mellado 11 Carolina OIl Paint
Yongjie Wang 12 Building Oil on Canvas
Yongie Wang 21 3 Faces OIl on Canvas
Paula Mitre 11 Metamorfaces Pencil on Paper
Paula Mitre 11 Isa Pastel on Paper
Muchen Guo 10 All in the Golden Afternoon Colored pencil, graphite, and ink on paper
Muchen Guo 10 Shoe Investigation Colored pencil, graphite, watercolor, and pastel on paper
Sarah Dickey 12 First Pride Oil paint
Sarah Dickey 12 Eggcellent Pastel
Sarah Dickey 12 Mom Pastel
Elodie Thaler 12 Dead roses Colored Pencil on Paper
Angela Lin 12 Wired Piano Graphite Pencil on Paper
Angela Lin 12 Afternoon Tea Colored pencil, graphite pencil, and micron pen on paper
Xuezhu Wang 11 Left  Ear Oil on Canvas
**Xuezhu Wang 11 Night Gaze Oil on Canvas – Honorable Mention
Gauri Kasarla 10 Tulips in a Vase Graphite on Paper
Gauri Kasarla 10 unknown unknown
**Stephanie Nascimento 12 The Salty Donuts Oil Painting – Best in Show
Stephanie Nascimento 12 Waffles Mixed media- color pencils, graphite, ink
**Shaowen Gong 11 Taillight Oil Painting on Canvas – Judges Recognition
Sarah McDonald 11 B+ Watercolor on Paper
Sarah McDonald 11 Astrid Oil on Canvas
Ali Ishaque 12 Florida beach Oil on Canvas
Jadyn Jacobson 7 Colorful Rain Watercolor on paper
Anastasia Belousova 8 Dancing Dark Acrylics and Salt, Watercolor, Sketch and Wash
Ania Kelegama 8 Epiphany of Color Acrylics on paper
Savannah Coolidge 7 Listening to the Arts Watercolor, Acrylic
**Ana Kelegama 8 Fresh from the Field Watercolor – 3rd Place

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