Patriots revolt usurps the Generals

2 years ago American Heritage Alumni 0
In a homecoming game that saw blocked field goals, long touchdowns and ridiculous turnovers, the Patriots won their sixth consecutive game when they emerged victorious over the Miami Jackson Generals 51-27. Read More

Homecoming heroes save the day

2 years ago American Heritage Alumni 0
For the fourth day of Homecoming, students soared through the hallways between classes wearing colorful costumes, capes and masks for “Heroes Versus Villains Day.” Read More

Seeing double on Homecoming day two

2 years ago Vanessa Ryals 0
After sporting class shirts on Monday, students embraced their Disney side by coordinating clothing with their closest friends for “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Twin Day.” Read More

Ohana means “Hoco”

2 years ago American Heritage Alumni 0
Students kicked off homecoming week by sporting their class shirts and school shorts for “Ohana Means Family Day.” Read More