Farewell, Class of 2015

2 years ago Zachariah Chou 0
"Pomp and Circumstance" rang throughout the Don Taft University Center Arena at Nova Southeastern University as the Class of 2015 walked across the stage and became American Heritage alumni. Read More

Seniors emerge victorious in Powderpuff

3 years ago American Heritage Alumni 0
“We, we tell the story! We tell the whole story, this is Patriot territory!” While the girls play flag football on the field, the boys cheer on their fellow classmates. Read More

Campaigning ruins superlatives

3 years ago American Heritage Alumni 0
With the release of superlative voting last week, the senior class faced numerous questions such as “who is most likely to be president?” and “who are the most memorable best friends?” Read More

Stay out of the senior corner

3 years ago American Heritage Alumni 0
We’ve waited four years for the library limelight. Let us have our moment in the sun. Much too often, underclassmen infiltrate the senior corner and computers and give snarky remarks when asked to leave. Instead of serving as a place for the stressed out college applicants to regroup, relax and get work done, the corner Read More