The benefits of getting a summer job

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As the school year comes to an end, the question of how to spend vacation time becomes more eminent. Although some students see vacation as a time to relax and enjoy the break from school, taking this approach may result in many valuable hours and opportunities being missed.

A twelve-week break from school gives students the chance to get a head start on financial futures. Not having to worry about school assignments and homework frees up time to pursue summer jobs.

Some may argue that high-school students should enjoy their summers as the responsibilities of adulthood loom in the near future. However, working a summer job does not necessarily conflict with having fun. Picking a job based on individual likes and interests allows student to enjoy themselves while gaining valuable life experience and saving money for college.

Furthermore, working a summer job provides a hands-on experience that looks good on college resumes as they show responsibility. A summer job also opens the door to possibilities such as meeting new contacts or even new friends.

Some jobs open to students as young as 13 including bagging groceries at Publix. Despite the simplicity of the job, it demonstrates a strong work ethic and encourages independence. Students must keep track of their work schedule and transportation as well as how to spend or save their money.  

Other jobs include internships at local businesses or practices which allow students to delve into their relm of interest and gain practical experience for their future career. This also points to a specific field of interest which colleges generally appreciate.

The average eight-hour work day still leaves plenty of time to relax and enjoy outside of work. That’s more free time than most students have on an average school day. Thus, having a summer job does not mean missing out entirely on fun and relaxation.

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