The science behind “the sneakers”

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Teal and gray or pink and white, that is the question. While the vast majority of students view the sneakers as teal and gray, there is still a percentage who see pink and white. Those who see teal and gray see the main part of the shoe as gray and the side and laces portion as teal. Meanwhile, those seeing pink and white see the large part as pink and the side and laces portion as white.

Similarly to “the dress” from 2015, the difference in color that people are seeing is due to lighting, angles and how our brains interpret the colors displayed in front of them. According to Business Insider, the colors seen depend on the viewer’s sensitivity to light and how their brain interprets this light.

When Twitter user @RunningLow placed the image through photoshop, the program recognized the colors as gray and teal. However, when the user altered the lighting of the image, the true colors of the shoe were evidently pink and white.

The original poster of the picture, @TFILDOLANS, stated they believed the photo was teal and gray. Their post was met with passionate opposition by people who saw the image as pink and white. Regardless of anyone’s personal opinions, the official answer is that these shoes are pink and white in real life, as can be seen on the Vans website:


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