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    Students wait on the gymnasium floor for movie night to begin.

Tuesday was for ghostbusting

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Today’s homecoming movie night in the gym attracted large numbers of students, ranging from seventh graders to upper school seniors. Students sprawled out on blankets with their friends, some using their backpacks as pillows. Since it was a movie event, the concession stand remained packed before the movie began, serving pizza, ice cream, sodas and other snacks. While the event itself was free, all proceeds from the concessions went to Project Alive.

The movie options were unknown beforehand, so voting occurred on the spot by way of the classic hand raise. The options were Wreck-it Ralph, Pixels and the new Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters garnered the most votes among students and was an appropriate choice considering Halloween is right around the corner. Although some students seemed disappointed in the selection to choose from, the movie itself was an enjoyable distraction from the many stresses of school and ended up being a nice comedy to see with friends all around.

“Even though I wish that there could have been more choices for the movies, I had fun hanging out with my friends and playing around while the movie was on,” sophomore Paola Barraza said.

As the movie started, students collectively sang along to the classic Ghostbusters theme song. Considering the volume of students and amount of talking, the event coordinators turned on the movie’s subtitles.

Regardless of how anyone chose to spend their time at the movie night, most students can agree that watching a movie with your fellow students and friends is a rare bonding experience enjoyed by all.

Kristen is a junior at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fla. She is Vice President of Student Government, an officer of the Pre-Law Society, News Editor and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Patriot Post and co-founder of the non-profit Friends for Fosters. Kristen loves keeping up with politics, watching Netflix, reading and sleeping in. She considers herself a nerd due to her massive video game and comic collection.

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