World Food Festival exposes students to worldwide cuisines

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As one of the biggest events hosted by the Spanish Honor Society, the World Food Festival brings both high school and junior high students together. On May 3, students were asked to bring different dishes from their country of choice to the gymateria after school. While some students brought their favorite foods, many brought traditional dishes from their home countries. At 4 pm, the doors officially opened and hungry students flooded the Gymateria. Some of the more popular dishes included samosas, empanadas, brigadeiros, and pastries of all kinds. The festival lasted until around 6 pm, and, because of the abundance of food, students were encouraged to take home whatever they wished.

“I think it’s important to expand our horizons and really come into contact with other cultures and the different foods that countries have to offer,” said sophomore Flora Ranis. Originally called the Foreign Food Festival and started over 20 years ago by Carolyn Gonano, the Foreign Language Dept. Chair at the time, the purpose was to expose students to dishes from around the world and to promote a multicultural environment for the students.

“I think the World Food Festival is an amazing event because we get to learn about different cultures all around the world through food- which is great,” said sophomore Vasanthkumar Patoor.  

This year’s festival has been one of the most successful, with over 120 dishes brought in by students, and, with their help, the Spanish Honor Society is excited about what next year’s festival has to offer.

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