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December 2021


Hall-Mark or Hall-Miss

I have to admit that Hallmark movies, while delightfully romantic and sweet, can be a little exaggerated and predictable. Regardless of the criticism, I stand by my choice that Hallmark movies are an iconic holiday tradition. (Photo/Hallmark) Keep Reading


Speech & Debate competes at UT Austin

Speech and Debate students traveled to Austin, Texas on their first trip and in-person tournament in nearly two years. Public forum (two vs. two debate) and Lincoln-Douglas (ideological debate) debate competitors met at Fort Lauderdale airport and flew out Thursday, Dec. 2, while speech and congressional debate competitors left Friday, Dec. 3. (Photo/Anya Pinto) Keep Reading


Music for the holiday spirit

“Jingle Bells” is without a doubt one of the most iconic holiday songs of all time. But what about the other songs? Here are a few of my favorites that I believe are the best thing since sliced (ginger) bread. (Photo/Flickr) Keep Reading

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