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February 2022


Romance movies that will make you believe in love

Whether you choose to admit it or not, we all have a hidden love for, well, love. Whether you have a date or are hopelessly single like the rest of us, these movies are guaranteed to make your day a little sweeter. From the classics to some of the more modern additions, this article will guide you through them all.  (Photo/Flickr) Keep Reading


Boosting the booster shot campaign

With COVID cases waning, people nationwide are returning to “normal.” Despite the COVID situation seemingly improving, the virus remains a deadly threat that takes the lives of thousands of people daily. Booster shots have been lauded as a way to “boost” resistance to the virus, but with the risk of over-activating the immune system, the question remains: how effective are they? (Photo/Daniel Schludi via Unsplash) Keep Reading


Ms. Quinn plans to take on Antarctica

Not many people can say they have visited Antarctica (just over 56,000 tourists visited during the 2018-2019 season out of the world population of almost eight billion, equaling 0.007% of the population), but English teacher Lisa Quinn and her family are planning to check the continent off their bucket list soon. (Photo/Lisa Quinn-Gonzalez) Keep Reading

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