30 new teachers join Heritage this school year

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This school year, 30 upper-school teachers will walk the halls of American Heritage as newcomers this year. Heritage’s resources and learning environment led some of them to apply for the job.

“I decided to apply at American Heritage because I have always heard such wonderful things about the school, environment, and close-knit community,” college advisor Ms. Ashley Walters said.

Heritage provides a variety of resources that many schools in Broward County don’t have. The resources Heritage provides allows teachers to plan more interactive lessons and work flexibly in subjects they are passionate about.

“I applied for a job at American Heritage because I wanted to be a part of a large physics program; this is something that is not common among schools, especially since there are many small private schools in Broward,” physics teacher Ms. Kailey MacNamara said.

Although it was Heritage’s facilities that pulled many teachers in, many of them are most excited about getting to know their students this school year.

“Being in the classroom lets me continue connecting with the students which is my favorite part of being in education – I love having that special connection with the kids and witnessing their curiosity and mind growth,” permanent substitute teacher Mrs. Johanna Frauenberger said.

Since their introduction to the school, many of this year’s new teachers were delighted by the school’s open and welcoming staff.

“I really love how much the other teachers and staff want to support each other. It’s just so stinkin’ wholesome,” English teacher Ms. Brittany Tilley said.

“I am hoping I found my forever home,” biology teacher Mrs. Erin Abramoff said. There’s a good chance of it as Heritage has several teachers who have been here over 25 years.

This year’s new American Heritage Broward Campus Upper School teachers:

Raideesha Francis – Business

Catherine Allen-Barrett – Broadcast

Laci Cedeno – English

Ajay Alexander – Law

Lisa McDearmaid-Roberts – English

Andrew Allen – Science

Nagelah Cohen – Event Coordinator & College Advising

Johanna Frauenberger – Permanent Substitute 

Carmen Jimenez – Secretary 

Juwan Dowels – PE

Tiffany Strockbine – Secretary 

Elissa Tisdahl – Law

Michele Mileusnich – Permanent Substitute

Kailey MacNamara – Science

Jennifer Simplice – Math

Joshua Stern – Computers

Ashley Walters – College Advisor

Brittany Tilley – English

Erin Abramoff – Science

Vincent Rouvier – World Languages

Craig Council – English

Samantha Alfonso – Math

Jennifer Braver – English

Cary Bakker – Computer Science

Jennifer West – Broadcast

Jason Glusman – Law

Mary Crenshaw – Art

Alexandra Yadgaroff – Photography

Julia LaVault – Light & Sound

Shreya is a senior here at American Heritage. Apart from Newspaper, she participates in clubs and extracurriculars such as Key Club, Model UN, YIS, HOSA, PBS and AASA. She loves writing, listening to music, watching TV shows and editing videos. She has been dancing for almost all her life and has a love for business and computer science. She plans on channeling these interests into her future career and exploring them further throughout high school. When she am not reading or rewatching Netflix shows, she is riding her bike or swimming in the pool.