“After the Fall” premieres Nov. 18

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The American Heritage Center for the Arts will be putting on Arthur Miller’s “After the Fall” from Nov. 18 – 20 at 7pm in the Main Theatre. Tickets are now available for purchase.

The story follows protagonist Quentin as he examines the effects of past events on his current life, particularly events involving his troubled relationships with the other characters. “After the Fall” was written by Arthur Miller and premiered on Broadway in 1964, receiving mixed reviews. Critics claimed that one plotline, revolving around a character named Maggie, was too similar to the true story of Miller’s wife Marylin Monroe, the famous actress, in her final years. 

However, senior Miles Levitan, who plays Quentin, believes the similarities to Miller’s life do not discredit the show’s merit. “(“After the Fall” has) a deeply relevant story that focuses on the human condition,” he said. “The characters are grounded, and my interactions with them feel extremely intimate and authentic.”

Director Brett Scott shares Levitan’s opinion and believes the play will be a success. “I’ve been waiting to direct this play until I found the perfect cast,” he said, explaining how the show’s mature themes and complex characters make it difficult for young actors to perform. However, he thinks that the eleven actors in the play can deliver a stunning performance. “I want the audience to walk out of the theater and say, ‘Wow! I can’t believe they are high schoolers.’ That’s the best compliment my actors can get.”

In order to prepare for the estimated two and a half hour production, the cast has been rehearsing daily. Levitan describes the rehearsal process: “With every rehearsal, the play becomes clearer and easier to understand; we seem to be having some huge revelation or breakthrough about the characters or the story with every rehearsal that passes.”

The faculty production team, consisting of Technical Director Timothy Dickey, Scenic Designer Alyiece Moretto-Watkins and Director Brett Scott, have been working over the past month to design the set, which will be built soon in the Main Theater.

“There is an extraordinary level of talent and commitment being contributed to this production,” said Levitan. “Every actor and designer working on this show is nothing short of brilliant, and our efforts are bound to result in something unforgettable. I strongly urge anyone reading this to attend “After the Fall” for a remarkable night of theater.”

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