“Animal Crossing: New Horizons”: Exactly what the world needs

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In front of Town Hall stands Tom Nook and Isabelle along with some of the many villagers present along the slow-paced island journey. (Photo/Nintendo Life)

Like most people, I’ve been stuck at home this past month. While this is a great time to catch up academically, I’ve spent a lot of it doing anything but that. Other than rewatching “Glee” and doing plenty of online school work, one more thing has been taking up my time: “Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

Nintendo released the newest installment in the “Animal Crossing” game franchise March 20, 2020. Only released on the Nintendo Switch console, it became a hit for fans of the series and even the newest players, receiving raving reviews

“New Horizons” brings players’ adorable avatars to a deserted island getaway where they are free to build up the island as they wish. Players can complete small tasks and quests to slowly build up their island including gathering fruits, fishing and chopping wood. Most delightful about the game is the slow pace it takes because it syncs up to real-time and tasks, such as building construction and getting villagers to move in, take real days to complete.

All about building a routine to make your island a beautiful place that kindly welcomes a variety of villagers, “New Horizons” focuses on routine and patience, providing a cute and relaxing experience that will absolutely soothe players’ social distancing woes. Who needs human contact when you can visit your friends’ islands or talk to an animal villager?

Isabelle (left) and Tom Nook (right) are just two of the endearing animal friends that will guide players as they build up their islands. (Photo/GameSoft)

Between adding a museum, making your own island anthem and helping each villager move in, you are the ruler of your own island. The graphics and the music of “New Horizons” remain the absolute peak of the game because they add the most heartwarming, cheerful ambiance to the whole creative adventure. This game can serve as an amazing creative outlet while still giving players tasks to complete that will give a great sense of accomplishment when they step back and take a look at their own island town. 

As someone who has been playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” nonstop since it came out almost a month ago, I’ll be the first to say it’s phenomenal and probably my favorite video game I’ve ever played. If you need something to fill your time this spring of social distancing, “New Horizons” is a perfect comfort.  

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