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As a senior, Emily spends her second year on staff as both a copy editor and entertainment editor. Outside newspaper, Emily plays violin in the school orchestra and leads Dead Poets Society as president. When she's not at school, however, Emily enjoys writing poetry, repeatedly watching the same movies and, sometimes, succeeding in her goal of reading five books a week.

Taking on a new form of television

As kids grow up and develop their own tastes in entertainment, they find themselves leaving some of their childhood interests behind. With the increase in technology across all ages, a lot of the content that once interested kids is no longer as attention grabbing as it once was. Keep Reading


Review: Disney Plus streaming service

The choice on whether Disney+ is worth it depends on what consumers are looking for. While Disney does have a large amount of content within the service, not all of it is diverse and appropriate for all audiences. As of right now, Disney+ seems to be a place to awaken nostalgia, not find new binge-worthy programming. Keep Reading


Swapping for sustainability

With so many distractions in our lives, it can be hard to focus on changing our habits. However, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, this time at home could allow us to practice habits that are not only better for us, but also the environment. In this list, I have compiled 5 sustainable swaps for more wasteful products to make sustainability a little easier. Keep Reading

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