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As a senior, Emily spends her second year on staff as both a copy editor and entertainment editor. Outside newspaper, Emily plays violin in the school orchestra and leads Dead Poets Society as president. When she's not at school, however, Emily enjoys writing poetry, repeatedly watching the same movies and, sometimes, succeeding in her goal of reading five books a week.

Turning garbage into gold

With Heritage’s recent efforts to encourage sustainability, the school has made many changes on campus in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint. However, while the school has more sustainable forms of utensils and to-go food containers which are biodegradable, the waste still ends up in the landfill. Keep Reading


A not-so-classy take on classical music

Classical music may seem boring or bland to some because of its usual lack of lyrics and modern beat. However, a few modern artists take classical music in a different direction by adding some of the characteristics of modern music to their own or original compositions. Keep Reading


Understanding a balanced diet

Although maintaining a healthy diet is important for optimal health, determining and knowing what to eat remains a challenge for many people. With so much hype around nutrition and diets, it can be a little hard to determine what you should be eating to stay healthy. Keep Reading


Concert Review: “The Empire Strikes Back”

Bringing the story of Star Wars Episode VI to life, an unidentified orchestra performed the John Williams composed soundtrack of “The Empire Strikes Back” at the Adrienne Arsht Center on March 8. While the movie played on an overhead screen, the orchestra performed every sound the movie made, with the exception of speech from the characters. Keep Reading

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