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As a senior, Emily spends her second year on staff as both a copy editor and entertainment editor. Outside newspaper, Emily plays violin in the school orchestra and leads Dead Poets Society as president. When she's not at school, however, Emily enjoys writing poetry, repeatedly watching the same movies and, sometimes, succeeding in her goal of reading five books a week.

Making an (app)earance

Last month, Florida representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz chose Riffle as the winner of the Congressional App Challenge in Florida’s 23rd district Keep Reading


Play Preview: The Good Doctor

When deciding the next play he would oversee, Dr. Klein chose “The Good Doctor” because of the situations its playwright puts his characters in. “Chekhov creates a situation where it is both funny and sad at the same time,” he said. “He really knows how to write a comedic play.” Keep Reading


Peas In a Pod(cast): 4 Podcasts that should be on your list

Listening to music can sometimes get old, making you want to either switch the song or find something else entirely. Podcasts make great things to listen to when you want to find out information or listen to a show without having to sit down and focus on a TV or phone screen. In this list, I have compiled 4 of the best podcasts I’ve come across on Apple Podcasts. Keep Reading


Reshaping our conscious

With so many distractions constantly clouding our lives, just sitting down and living in the moment remains a challenge. A conscious lifestyle can help you make intuitive decisions leaving you excited and able to live the life you desire. Keep Reading

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