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Kayra Su Dayi came here from Turkey in 6th grade and will be in 9th grade next year. She loves painting the pictures of nature or animals which she takes with her camera when she finds something captivating or interesting. Aside from art, she plays tennis and competes in speech and debate. She prefers to give informative speeches, but is still in the process of exploring the broad range of speeches. She liked to volunteer at Flamingo Gardens before the pandemic every weekend. She is a member of NJHS and interested to join more clubs next year!

Spring sports are now in season 

A new semester means a new season which means…new sports: time to leave winter sports behind and welcome spring sports. With nearly nine new sports available, it seems like it will be a competitive season and the perfect time to try out a new sport. (Photo/Wikimedia) Keep Reading


Remembering International Holocaust Day

Thursday, Jan. 27 marks the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration camp and International Holocaust Remembrance Day. To honor this day, members of the Butterfly Project and Tikkun Olam, a Jewish cultural club, students presented an interview with a survivor of the Holocaust, Mrs. Ruth Millman. (Photo/Kayra Dayi) Keep Reading


Student Owned Small Business to Check Out

Stuck at home during the pandemic, students had lots of time on their hands to bury themselves in social media, stalk celebrities’ accounts and scroll on TikTok all day long. Freshman Kangana Modi took advantage of this extra time and created her own small business on Instagram. On her account, @art4u_km, Modi sells her paintings and sketches to donate to St. Jude’s and A Road For Cure (Photo/Kangana Modi).  Keep Reading

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